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About Margaret

As a professional I believe that the relationship between my client and I should be collaborative, rather than one in which I assume the role of the expert. This is based on the belief, learnt over many years, that my clients are generally capable problem solvers and competent in making the right choices for themselves most times.

 My skills and strategies enable clients to take the central role in goal setting and solution finding, together with my support, empathy, and authentic style to their identified goals. My clients progress by focussing on their strengths rather than their weaknesses. They find ways around their issues and construct different visions for their future, and set small achievable goals.

In my experience, clients usually require between five to eight sessions before they feel they have reached a point in which they are ready to set forth independently.

Read more about my experience, qualifications and memberships here

Bachelor of Social Science (Family Studies)

Masters of Counselling Psychology
Endorsed Clinical Psychologist

Diploma of Solution Oriented Hypnosis

Member of Australian Psychological SocietyMember of the Psychology Board of Australia

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